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what is the importance of HOME air CONDITIONER filters?

When homeowners think of the best air filter for home, they may not necessarily think about how it protects the central air system. However, the air filter is the first line of defense homeowners have against expensive repairs and permanent damages.

All indoor air must pass through the air filter before being heated or cooled to the desired temperature. The best air filter for home captures all sorts of materials like hair, dander, insects, dust, pollen and bacteria. 
The average air filter captures about 50 percent of all airborne particles. It is inevitable that some particles and pathogens pass to the other side. In addition, when the air filter becomes full, it can no longer capture those particles. As a result, these particles also pass over the air filter and into the central air system.

Meanwhile, the internal components of the central air system constantly expand and constrict with heating and cooling. Parts become gummy, wet or hot, making it easy for particles and germs to stick. Over time, particles clump in layers, dry and interrupt the heating and cooling processes. Some of these clumps might even make it back into the home.

What results?

  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Longer heating and cooling cycles
  • Damages
  • Repairs
  • Other technical difficulties

Some homeowners may express disbelief over just how much air filters contribute to energy efficiency. HVAC experts have discovered that with proper changes, homeowners routinely save 15 percent off their energy bill. This is in addition to all the repairs and damages they avoid.

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